Converting PDF file to quarkxpress 6.1, problem

Converting pdf to quarkxpress 6.1, problem

>> Hi Designers, I am trying to open up a pdf document
>> in quarkxpress 6.1 but am unable to find a program
>> that will convert the document from pdf to quark
>> xpress. Any suggestions or advise will
>> be appreciated.

>> Hi, this is Ray joining the Forum seeking help.
>> I've got a pdf file which i want to open in quark
>> xpress 6.1 but i am having a problem in finding a
>> suitable converter. Any advise or suggestions would
>> be appreciated.

RE: Converting pdf to quarkxpress 6.1 problem


These PDF files can be placed INTO quark, then added to or edited via layering text, boxes, images etc. over the PDF file. You could then build up a document or book and output it from Quark to another PDF or to an output device. Quark is not a PDF editor and you cannot really convert PDF to Quark AFAIK there is no method.

BTW: if working in Quark Xpress, download the Quark Xpress 6.5 update that is free. It has many many improvements related to PDF import and export with quark xpress.
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