Kodak Prinergy Evo plug-ins such as Preps and Pandora

Kodak Prinergy Evo plug-ins such as Preps and Pandora

Hi to everyone,

The company i am currently working for are looking into a program that will work in conjuction with Prinergy Evo. What we are looking at is a program that can use hi-res pdf's set out to our cutting forms (Envelope Forms) and steps them to our liking. Sorry if my description of what i want the software to do is bad but i will try and make you guys understand somehow. We have been told that Pandora can interlock work, hence why alot of packaging companies use it and preps cannot.

Also with what i can see is that we should be able to import our cutters made from quark with just outlines, re-save them in eps format and then import them straight into Pandora. Pandora will then find the outlines and convert it to use, we can then set it up to how we want it to look onto our papersize. Pandora will then match the 2 cutters, original one and used in job, to each other and the place the artwork where the original cutter was....
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