Mac OS X Quark Xpress, options for text import apps, word?

If I type text with AppleWorks 6, which is the only writing app on OSX, and I save as txt, to be able to import on Quark, how do I avoid that really annoying problem: everytime I need to re-open a Applework file, after it has been saved, to edit it for example, it opens as an untitled file, which then needs to be saved again. Knowing that most text files I used will be edited at least 3 or 4 times before publishing on Quark, it makes for a lot of work.

What other format does Quark recognize? I used to use Word for Mac, an old version that did the job just fine, but I'm trying to use OSX as much as possible. By the way, I think OSX is a bit too windowy for my taste. I have a lot to learn about it yet, but I find it more complicated than OS9. At the moment, I'm struggling with the Fonts book, to use with Quark.
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