Problem saving Quark Xpress 6 file back to Quark Xpress 5

We are having a problem saving Quark Xpress 6 files back to Quark Xpress version 5. To send a file to a printer we had to resave it as Quark Xpress 5 so that they could work with it, the printer is still using QuarkXPress 5 on Mac OS 9. I created the file on QuarkXPress 6 on OS X 10.3. When do a "save as" to make it a version 5 document, it seems to lose many images and some image boxes. The folks at the printing company said others had been unable to save a file as a version 5 quark document without losing images and some links. Any ideas how to fix this, it doesn't seem to happen with every document and is therefore even more scary?
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